Our new campaign

ROBOT Pool would like to launch a new campaign to educate the wider world about Cardano and its green energy credentials, starting with politicians.

Why politicians

As you may have noticed, crypto regulation and KYC is a hot topic right now. In addition there are concerns about the high energy usage of Proof-Of-Work coins, like Bitcoin.

It is important that politicians realize that wide spectrum that crypto encompasses and not just rush to make broad-brush regulation that stifles innovation. Note that this includes the fact that even Bitcoin can play a vital role in encouraging a switch to green energy while being able to soak up any excess green energy in the transition.

What we want to do

We will email politicians in both the US and UK to start with, followed by the EU, and send them a short introductory email on Cardano. The email will be tailored for each politician but will cover the following points:

  • Cardano is one of the most well known cryptocurrencies and has a huge following on social media
  • It’s a proof-of-stake blockchain, which are far more energy efficient than proof-work-blockchains
  • Crypto is very diverse, some coins like Bitcoin are attempting to speed up the transition to green energy, while others such as Cardano are looking for other real world applications of blockchain technology such as education in Ethiopia
  • We ask that politicians do not make heavy handed regulation that will stifle innovation, and instead take time to understand the diversity in the crypto markets and see it as an opportunity to be the leaders of a new industry and job class, similar to the growth of the internet.

If you have suggestions on the above messaging then get in touch, we are happy to take feedback.

What we need

We will kick-off our campaign once we reach $2m Ada delegated and publish updates on our blog so you can follow along. The more support we get the more we will ramp up our efforts.

Why 2m?

ROBOT Pool is a relatively new pool, launched in April 2021. In that time we have minted 15 blocks but almost all of our existing 1.2m ADA delegation has been with us from the start. We need new delegators to keep the pool going otherwise we will be forced to shutdown.

Please note there are two ROBOT tickers. One is old and does not belong to us and has 0 Ada. Look for the one that has at least 1.2m Ada delegated.

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