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We are a small eco-focused Cardano stakepool (ticker: ROBOT). We strive to raise awareness of environmental issues, energy efficient blockchain technology, and promote Ada as a payment option.

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Energy Efficient Staking

We use energy efficient ARM based relay nodes to reduce power consumption

Cardano’s Green Blockchain tech leads the industry

PoS is more sustainable because the hardware investment is much lower, and the electricity consumption is considerably lower …Cardano is at the forefront of this technology


Proof-Of-Stake Advocacy

Here’s where we’ll store links to useful resources to promote Cardano as a green crypto


Accepting Ada as payment

Accept Ada through AdaPay. Developed by Coti in partnership with the Cardano Foundation

What is Cardano?

Our own resource on what Cardano is, what is a stake pool operator, and why charities should consider accepting Ada as a payment option.

Sourced from NBC (Akos Stiller / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Cryptocurrency goes green

NBC news describes Cardano as the most significant Proof-of-stake currency on the market

Our new campaign

Our new Twitter campaign. Please retweet!

Sourced from NBC (Akos Stiller / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The 15 Most Sustainable Cryptocurrencies for 2021

Check out Cardano’s mention on LeafScores list

Forbes Podcast

Digging into Bitcoin’s energy problem

Podcast featuring Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, discussing how cryptocurrencies are moving away from the energy-heavy proof of work toward a better system, proof of stake.

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